Welcome to Shen Ming Electron (Dongguan)
Most popular keywords:audio parts, connector, metal parts
Professional Electronic Parts Manufacturer
From design, prototype to mass production
Expert with more than 30 years experience
Plant Area 14000㎡
Warehouse Area 2000m2
Partner with 20+ brands
Choice of 200 customers
Good Inventory
Mixed batch
Free Samples
Good quality comes from close attention to the details
Focus on making each product well and
ensure the quality meets your requirements
Precision dimension and fine workpiece
Easy to use
Reliable and durable
Make precise dimension products according to customer requirements.
Through a fast push locking mechanism,
easy to plug and convenient to use
Products meet ROHS, JIS, and other industry quality standards.

Products have passed multiple tests and strict quality assurance checks.
Hotline Numbers:+86(769)2225-5569
  • Headphones-provide you with headband and other accessories

  • Earphones-provide you with accessories such as plugs

  • Audio industry-professional audio custom signal transmission wiring harness and various connectors

  • Computer equipment-professional charging plug accessories, cables, etc.

  • Mobile phone industry- professional cables, plugs and other accessories

  • Automotive interiors- professional automotive interior electronic accessories provider

  • Communication industry-provide professional communication electronic accessories

A broad range of electronic parts such as connectors, plugs, audio parts, and adapters to meet your needs
One-stop solution for manufacturing service of high-quality electronic parts
Shen Ming Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shen Ming Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 1981. With the rapid development of technology and market demand, a factory was established in Shenzhen in 1990. Our business field started with audio and DC plugs and jacks, and later expanded to USB connectors and metal parts. Shen Ming has an abundance of patents and an experienced R&D team. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality products but also committed to environmental protection.

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About us
Xiao Tang Bo Village, Dong Cheng Zhu Shan Manage Area, Dong Guan City,Guang Dong Province, P.R.C.
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